Our Notary

Kathe Welch has been a notary since 2019. In mid 2020, the state of Oregon authorized remote online notary (RON) due to the COVID outbreak.

In response, Kathe completed Oregon’s RON certification and utilizes the the DocVerify platform to provide worldwide clients access to Oregon remote online notary services.

Our services are completely virtual and we can accommodate your notary needs no matter where you are.

Remote online notary

Our goal is to simplify. We can notarize any document remotely. We can work with individuals or multiple signers.

We use a state of the art system, secured by Docverify, to accomplish this. Our notarizations are encrypted and our process includes identity verification through knowledge based authentication to insure all notarizations comply with Oregon Law.

Go to our Notary page to read more or click on our notary form to get started.

kathe welch
Kathe Welch