Oregon Contact provides Remote Online Notary (RON) including Notary Loan Signing services throughout Oregon.

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COVID 19 Update – Due to safety concerns we are working 100% remotely. We use an encrypted system to fulfill all your notary needs.

What is needed to use this service?

  • Smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera.
  • Electronic copy (PDF, JPEG, etc.) of the document to be notarized.
    • A clear photo or scan.
  • Electronic copy (PDF, JPEG, etc.) of your state issued ID.
    • An images of both sides.
  • Ability to pay for services with a credit or debit card.
    • $25 fee per notarization per signer.
  • Access to the internet for the notary session.

How does it work?

First, fill out the encrypted Remote Online Notary Form.

  • The form asks for all the information needed to complete notarization.
    • Upload your identification and the document(s) you need notarized into the Remote Online Notary Form.
    • The form will allow you to pay the notary fees.

Next, the notary will upload your documents into the secure notary system, send you an email link and contact you by phone to set an appointment or complete notarization at that time.

During the session,

  • You will click on the link in the email, verify your identity by answering a few short questions and then will be given access to the session.
  • You and the notary will have a brief discussion to confirm your identity and the purpose of notarization.
  • The notary system will record part of the process (as is required by Oregon law.)
  • When complete, you can download the notarized document(s) from the session.

Remote Online Notarization FAQ:

What is remote online notarization (RON)?

​The ability to perform notarial acts using audio/video technology for remotely located individuals under certain circumstances using vendors meeting specific requirements. ​Due to the current Pandemic, we are only working remotely.

Is it secure?

We use DocVerify a secure platform to perform notarial services. The encrypted forms on our website allow us to collect the information we need to accept your documents and payment safely.

What is the difference between traditional, electronic and remote notarization?

  • Traditional notarization takes place in person – the signer and notary must be in the same place – and notarization is completed on paper.
  • Electronic notarization involves documents that are notarized and signed in person in electronic form.
  • Remote notarization allows for the entire notarization process to be done using specific audio/video platforms over a smartphone or computer.
Signing Agent

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Oregon Fees for Standard Notarial services (according to OAR 160-100-410):

A notary public shall not charge, attempt to charge, or receive a notary fee that is more than a $10 for a traditional notarization and $25 for Remote Online Notarization (RON):

  • for taking an acknowledgment.
  • for taking a verification upon an oath or affirmation.
  • for certifying a copy of a document.
  • for witnessing or attesting a signature.
  • for protesting commercial paper, except $0 for a check drawn on an insolvent financial institution.
  • for administering an oath or affirmation without a signature.

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